SPRAY BAR - the portable spraying system

Simulating driving rain on building envelopes

This robust spraying system has been developed for mobile use at construction sites and creates a steady, closed film of water to simulate driving rain on building envelopes.

The SPRAY BAR helps you to detect larger leakages in curtain walls according to EN 13051 and can be used for testing the water tightness of windows, French doors, as well as external doors inclucing all exterior components.

Ideally, the measurement should be conducted in combination with a Minneapolis BlowerDoor measuring system like BlowerDoor Standard or BlowerDoor MiniFan. Negative pressure tests are particularly suited to detect even small leakages. The tests can be further supported by using  thermal-imaging camera.

Data sheet SPRAY BAR

The measuring principle

The portable SPRAY BAR is held at a 90-degree angle and a distance of 250 mm to the outside surface of the curtain facade. The axles of the water spray curtain originating from the nozzles must be positioned horizontal to and for vertical facade at a 90-degree angle to the area tested. You test from top to bottom. A consistent flow rate of 5 l/min per meter of length of the water spray bar (± 10%) must be assured, i.e. the spraced outside surface of the tested object must be exposed to a constant film of water. In case of water ingress, you must write down the time and place, and mark the penetration on the facade. By sliding blotting paper over the tested object, even the smallest leakages are quickly detected. Annex A of EN 13051 regulates how to proceed in case of water entry into the tested object.

For easy transport, the portable SPRAY BAR system comes in a robust case with wheels.

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