The DG-1000

ENDLESS LOVE: Benefit from the trade-in now!

Ready for take off: We take your used DG-700 - no matter in what condition - with the purchase of a DG-1000 with 300.- EUR in payment! You will receive a DG-1000 with calibration certificate as well as the current software TECTITE Express 5.1 for measurements according to EN 13829 and ISO 9972.

Simply WOW: The Digital Pressure Gauge DG-1000

The innovative DG-1000 convinces with its intuitive use, clear structure, and modern design. Its high-resolution touch screen and intelligent micro-processor provide you with the functions of a modern mini-computer. New requirements are constantly fed into the measuring software and users can install and run the latest firmware updates free of charge at any time. The high accuracy of the DG-1000 guarantees reliable measuring results at maximum precision.

The DG-1000 comes equipped with USB and Ethernet ports, as well as an integrated WiFi module. Bluetooth enables simple connections to mobile devices (iOS and Android).Optionally, the measuring system can be controlled via the "TEC Gauge" app for single-point measurement and via the "TEC Auto Test" app for the multi-point test according to ISO 9972 on a tablet or smartphone.

With the current firmware, the DG-1000 now additionally receives a logger function for long-term recording of data. Depending on the selected measurement interval (1 - 300 seconds), the DG-1000 records pressure differences over a period of 80 days up to several months. In this way, external influences on buildings caused by wind and thermal can be analyzed or building pressure differences generated by a mechanical exhaust air system or a ventilation system with heat recovery can be tested. Further applications are, for example, the measurement of pressure differences of individual ventilators in kitchens or bathrooms, the long-term recording of pressure differences in clean rooms such as laboratories and operating rooms or the determination of the flow direction of leakages.

The rechargeable batteries guarantee an operating time of at least 13 hours with WLAN use. The DG-1000 is compatible with all presently existing and new BlowerDoor measuring systems and may also be purchased as an upgrade. We recommend a calibration interval of 2 years.

Data sheet DG-1000

The most important features

  • Maximum measuring accuracy of 0.9%.
  • Intelligent microprocessor
  • WLAN, USB and Ethernet connection, Bluetooth
  • High-resolution touch screen
  • Free firmware updates
  • 1-point measurement with the DG-1000 or the App TEC Gauge via Smartphone or Tablet
  • Multi-point measurement with the TEC Auto Test app via smartphone or tablet
  • Display of air exchange rate n50 and air permeability q50/qE50
  • With hose wizard for easy measurement setup
  • New: Logger function for long-term recording of data
  • Compatible with all BlowerDoor components

Always a matter of course: The high precision of BlowerDoor measuring technology

Whether EnEV 13829 or ISO 9972: The measuring accuracy of all our digital pressure measuring devices has always been in accordance with the currently required accuracies according to ISO 9972. The modular design of the BlowerDoor measuring systems allows you to combine existing and new measuring devices without any problems.

Measuring accuracy DG-1000: ± 0.9 % of the reading value or ± 0.12 Pa (the higher value is decisive). Suitable for measurements according to DIN EN ISO 9972:2018, EN 13829:2000, FD P50-784:2016-07.
Measuring accuracy DG-700: ± 1 % of reading or ± 0.15 Pa (the larger value is decisive). Suitable for measurements according to DIN EN ISO 9972:2018, EN 13829:2000, FD P50-784:2016-07.